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Our Aims & Objectives

The UQPPES exists to promote the disciplines of politics, philosophy and economics at UQ, especially at their intersection to one another, while fostering the success of those students who see them as potent tools for improving the world in which we live. We pursue these objectives through a wide variety of initiatives, each facilitated within one of our key portfolios: Academic, Vocational, & Engagement.

Academic Portfolio

The Academic portfolio is at the heart of what we do as a society, and is concerned with improving the academic experience of the PPE student body. The key roles of the Academic VP and their team fall under three main goals: fostering intellectual discourse within the PPE student body; improving the PPE course design through liaising with the university; and running events which enhance the academic experience of PPE students.

These objectives broadly inform a variety of events and initiatives of the portfolio. We hold a variety of notable academic events, such as our First Year Information Night, Academic Discussion Panel featuring notable UQ academics, and Annual Keynote Lecture. Students are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue on subjects of interest and importance through our weekly bookclub and submissions to Statecraft, the society’s flagship publication. The society has also made a concerted effort to enable student feedback on the design of UQ’s BPPE program and its constituent courses, both through a society-sanctioned PPE Planning Committee and representation on various faculty Student-Staff Liaison Committees.

Vocational Portfolio

As a society, we also strive to equip our members with the skills and experiences needed to achieve long-term success in their professional careers. Through our Vocational portfolio we can help members develop their personal passions, networks, and expertise in a way that marks each alumnus as a well-rounded and highly employable graduate.

Some of our key initiatives in the Vocational portfolio include contributions to the Society’s fortnightly newsletter to help keep members informed of jobs, internships and career advice, opportunities to network and learn from employers and other students, and the development of strong transferrable skills through society-sponsored teams in a range of competitions

Engagement Portfolio

All endeavours of the Society are enabled through continuous, meaningful engagement of members. By conducting regular social events and ongoing wellbeing initiatives, we are able to connect students with their peers and create strong cohort communities. This cohesion also better allows the Society to formulate and implement it’s academic and vocational initiatives, to the betterment of all members. Key undertakings of the Engagement Portfolio include premier ticketed socials (including launch parties and the renowned PPE Soiree), mentoring and social sport programs, and the annual traditions of our First Year and Valedictory dinners, which bookend each academic year.

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