What We Do

Vocations Portfolio

As a Society, we strive to equip our members with the skills and experiences needed to achieve long-term success in their professional careers. Through our Vocational Portfolio we help members develop their personal passions, networks, and expertise in a way that marks them as well-rounded and highly employable graduates. Some of the Portfolio’s key initiatives include:

  • contributing to the Society’s fortnightly newsletter to help keep members informed of jobs, internships and advice,
  • partnering with industry professionals to provide networking opportunities with employers, and
  • providing workshops on applying to graduate jobs and internships where members can learn from successful alumni and improve their employability.

Publications Portfolio

The Publications Portfolio is at the heart of what we do as a Society, being concerned with improving the academic and intellectual experience of our members. The Portfolio does this by editing and publishing three student-led publications:

  • Statecraft, the Society’s flagship publication, which publishes student work weekly and collates the best pieces into a yearly print issue,
  • Pillar Talk, the Society’s new podcast, which features interviews with academics and Statecraft writers as well as student commentary on current affairs, and
  • The Statecraft Review, our undergraduate journal, which features novel and in-depth academic research written by our members, and which provides writers with the experience of having their work undergo a rigorous process of academic peer review.

On top of this, the Publications Portfolio is responsible for a number of the Society’s major events and initiatives, including:

  • Our Academic Discussion Panels, featuring notable UQ academics and thought leaders who endeavour to elevate discourse on campus, and
  • The annual Statecraft Lecture, which brings high-profile academics and public figures to St. Lucia to speak to the most prominent issues of the day.

Socials Portfolio

The Society thrives off of a strong sense of cohort. The Socials Portfolio strives to connect students with their peers and create strong friendships that will persist beyond university. Key undertakings of the Socials Portfolio include:

  • Collaborating with other student societies on our launch party every year,
  • organising the renowned PPE Soirée, our cost-effective cocktail event,
  • coordinating the Society’s social sport teams, and
  • hosting our First-Year and Valedictory Dinners, which bookend each academic year.

Diversity & Wellbeing

The Society’s Diversity & Wellbeing Portfolio is dedicated to upholding the Society’s Equity Policy and ensuring the Society remains an inclusive and safe space for our members to engage with one another. In addition, the Portfolio handles intra-Society grievance resolution, ensures the safety of attendees at all of our events, and proactively advocates for inclusion and diversity.

The Diversity & Wellbeing Portfolio contains a dedicated First-Years’ Sub-Executive Officer, whose focus is on assisting Society members in their first year of university and ensuring they feel welcomed into the Society.

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