Statecraft is the flagship publication of the UQPPES, and publishes articles written by our members ranging from current affairs and political theory to observations on everyday life and philosophical dialogues. Statecraft features work from writers of all levels of experience, from alumni to first-years, and all members are encouraged to try writing for Statecraft during their time at UQ.

Articles are published regularly on Statecraft’s own website, and the best contributions are selected for our annual print edition in October of each year.



Statecraft Issue 4: ‘Beyond?’ is available now for $15 from our merchandise store.
Older issues of Statecraft can be bought at the bargain price of $5.

The Statecraft Review

The Statecraft Review is our undergraduate journal, featuring novel and in-depth academic research written by our members.

Whereas Statecraft exists to provide members opportunities to develop their writing, share their ideas, and to facilitate discussion, The Statecraft Review is more exclusively focused on the former of these goals, and is intended to provide its writers with an experience which closely mimics post-graduate research. All submissions to The Review undergo a process of academic review, contain a full set of references, and are held to the highest standards of academic integrity.


Pillar Talk

As well as these written publications, the Society is, in 2022, producing a podcast. Pillar Talk will feature long-form interviews with academics from UQ and around the world on topics of interest across politics, philosophy and economics. It will also feature interviews with Statecraft writers, allowing them to talk at greater depth about ideas they are passionate about, and student commentary on current affairs, including the 2022 Federal Election and student politics.

To stay in the loop as Pillar Talk develops, keep your eye out for updates on the Society’s Facebook and Instagram pages, and follow the podcast on Spotify.

To listen to some podcast content of a different kind, check out our trial educational episodes from 2021 below.


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